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Imagic cold enamels 7 pcs. set of 4 grams. Low temperature enamel powder

Cold Enamel Imagic (low – temperature enamel, cold enamel) - enamel, which can be applied at home without a muffle furnace. Designed for creating jewelry at home, painting utensils, ceramic and glass murals, furniture accessories, jewelry and other designs.
Muffle furnace for firing is not necessary. Imagic enamel can be baked in regular kitchen oven without blowing at a temperature of 120 to 150 degrees Celsius (25-35 minutes, depending on the size of the product): with temp 125C – 35 min (if your item heat sensetive) or 150–180C for 10min (for regular metal items).
Possible re-baking.

Attention: it is unacceptable to exceed the temperature above 180 degrees Celsius!

It can be soft polished and baked in several layers for the effect of color depth (for transparent colors).

Applied to:
- gold, silver, aluminum, steel, copper and other alloys
- clay, ceramics, porcelain
- polymer clay, metal clay, baked plastics
- glass, stained glass, mirrors, mosaics
- stone, bone, plaster, shells, shell
- wood, decoupage blanks, plywood
- cardboard, foil, vinyl films, overlays
- fabric, felt, paper.

The advantage of coating such enamels is obvious-good resistance to mechanical stress, high adhesion (tenacity) to the surface, not afraid of water, the product can be washed with detergents. Efficiency in use. 4 grams is enough to cover 10 square cm.

You can also cover a colorless, glossy or matte enamel, which allows you to create additional protection from damage and increases the depth and saturation of color.

This product is not intended for baking in a microwave oven. Children under 12 use under adult supervision.
Not inhale. Avoid contact with eyes. Not toxic.
Shelf life is unlimited.